by JettStorm

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released April 12, 2016



all rights reserved


Bi-Curious Slumber Party Pennsylvania

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Track Name: donewithit.
Please say Ive been dreaming, it's just so unreal,
That you don’t even bother to ask how I feel,
As long as im here you don’t ask any questions,
Even if I was ready you wouldn’t take my confession,

Youd tell me im wrong, that its all a mistake,
The feelings im having must all just be fake,
Youll knock me down deeper than ive ever been,
Tear me apart, and youll start from within.

I cant take anymore of this hurt,
Kick me while im down, and then kick up the dirt,
So I choke on the air, that I thought I could trust,
Prick me with insults all covered in rust,

So instead of just quickly, ill die really slow,
No problems for you, sit back watch the show,
And then while im wasting youll take it all back,
All part of your plan to keep YOUR life on track.

Well Im done with it.
Track Name: bitchtits.
How could you ever understand?
Our minds are wired opposite.
We didn’t grow up the same,
Thus your morals never came.

You feel no shame.
You stand behind your prejedice views.
You don’t even have a clue…
Its sad but true.

Its sad but true.

You stay quiet when your words matter most.
And scream when silence is key.
You never took time to open your eyes,
Youre nothing at all like me.

You were never like me,
I just didn’t see,
The sad side of something,
What a sad thing to be.

Which mask were you wearing?
When you kissed me that night.
What mask were you wearing,
When you held my hand tight,
What Mask were you wearing,
When you said you understood,
What mask were you wearing,
When you gave up for good.