Does Anybody Have a Cigarette?

by Bi-Curious Slumber Party

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some acoustic junk we through together real fast and real raw for y'all. enjoy.


released February 24, 2016

thanks to everyone who supports us and anyone/anything that inspired us and this ep-- even the shittier end of inspiration.



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Bi-Curious Slumber Party Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Fly Away.
I wake up alone, cold and drenched in sweat
My legs aching and my stomach in knots,
This abandoned building, our humble abode,
Is the only thing that we got.

What morals will we break to feel better,
How the fuck are we supposed to ease this pain,
what crimes will we commit to pay the devil,
To run through our veins.

I remember when you turned six years old,
You had your party at the roller rink,
Now youre back behind the roller rinks bar,
Sucking dick for a hit, or maybe a drink.'

Your not the only person crying themself to sleep,
Or never waking up at all,
This plagues has come and we have nowhere to run,
We must stick together or divided we fall.

I can't go on living like this…
Im sick of being sick,
Im done being afraid,
Im done with this shit,
Just After one more hit

Another morning goes by, another loved one has died,
You have no choice but to say good bye,
When will deatg to me, when will I cease to be,
And when it does, will I finally be free?

From the grasp in the hands of the devil,
And the horrors that lurk throughout the life that it brings,
I just want to break free, I just want to be me again,
I just want to spread my wings,

And fly away.
To a better place,
So far away,
Where im not a disgrace,
Oh, Im not a disgrace.

Your not the only one whos crying themself to sleep,
Or never even waking up at all,
This plagues has come and we have nowhere to run,
We must stick together or divided we fall.

Youre not the only one poking around in your arm,
Looking for a vein that never existed,
Risking anything to feel a tiny bit better,
A routine that’s so well known to the twisted,

I just wanna fly away,
To a whole new place,
On a whole new day,
Where Im free to say,
Im finally free.
Track Name: Noise Pollution.
I'm extremely superstitious
Though I mock people's religions,
And I base most my decisions,
Off something that’s probably fake,

And yes I can admit that,
I'm a contradictive dingbat,
But these things that I believe in,
Keep me sane for insanity's sake

I tell myself that everything,
Like all the shit that life can bring,
And all the things that piss me off,
All happen for a reason

Like when I got put on the books,
Or got caught for the things I took,
Or the terrible feeling that I get each year
At the turning of the season.

I know that my outlook on being,
Is just as fucked as claiming seeing,
Jesus Christ transforming water,
Into Chardonnay,

But I just like to keep to on thinking,
All the shit that keeps life stinking,
Also keeps me from making those irrational decisions,
That make me fade away.

And so far its working…
And I am alive,
So I couldn’t care,
To whom I'm compared,
This is how I survive.

Things are much better,
Somehow I survived,
So I couldn’t care,
To whom Im compared,
Because I'm alive.

Oh I'm alive.
And I am free.
From all these hateful assholes with no creativity.
Just be yourself,
Fuck everyone else.
Except the ones who love you for being yourself and couldn't care less about anything else, they love you good, and they always will, there's nothing that you could ever spill, to them that would make them love you any less. Even if you stink, got no job and your penniless. Because if you've got friends like that your fucking blessed. So hold them tight to you and do your best.
Track Name: Lisp Song.
I have a lisp, so they all say tisk tisk,
you'll never be a singer you should never take the risk. What's the risk, I'm not aiming to get rich, why must you always be a fucking bitch. Why you always being such a bitch?

I have a dick, and though it makes me sick, everyone says suck it up you'll never be a chick, well your wrong, so I wrote this song, to tell you that i can be a whatever i want,
I can be whatever the fuck I want

I have social anxiety, its raging inside of me,
They tell me shut up, suck it up that its no tragedy
They say I'm hopeless, they say I'm lazy, like there's no happily every afffter
Its all fucking mind over matter

We can be whatever we want
We are the faces of the future
You,can't hurt me with your threats and taunts
If I ever die you'll be the first one that I haunt.

I'm a drug addict, and I'm so fucking sick, of all the pokes and pricks, the fucked up shit I'm done with it.
But wait i cant find a job,
They say im not fit for society,
Well im telling you what,
Im not,ever giving up,
Im,gonna live and im gonna be free,
Im gonna live and gonna be fucking happy.

I know my ABCs, of catching Felonies,
I just did a good bid, for when I tried to Hit up that Applebees,
They say I was born to break the law,
That im gonna end up just like my pa,
Well im here to resign, cuz the choice is mine,
From Crime I declare my withdrawl
My life is worth more than these cold stone walls.

Im gonna prove you all damn wrong,
Im gonna be someone,
Unless of course that’s not what I wanna be
I don’t have to take that shit from fucking anyone,
Now that I am finally free!
Track Name: Not-so Gender Song
Am I a man or a lady?
Well that questions kinda shady,
Cuz this world has progressed to a better time

So to answer your dumb question,
That just gave me indigestion,
Im a man but a lady in my spare time

But why must you need a word?
Is your perception so damn blurred,
That everything to you is still just black and white?

Well Its not because Im gray,
Open your eyes and see today!
Maybe then youll see the spectrum come to light,

Intolerance doesn’t fly anymore
Equalities the only path I choose to explore,
If you wanna argue well then theres the door,
Why you biggots always so ass sore?

(Shouldn’t that be us? Cuz were such FAGGOTS, right?
That means we just sit around all day sodomizing each other and burning every copy of the bible we can get our hand on. Isn't that right fellow queers? Yeah!!! If we cant beat em, LETS MAKE THEM FUCKING SCARED!)

Why do I dress like a girl?
Those words make me want to hurl,
But It’s a hoot, I recommend you give it a whirl

Why do you care about my actions?
Whats the deal with your reaction?
IF you asked me, Id say that youre insecure

Maybe once youve thought about it
And you always try to doubt it,
But it shines, thus the reason youre a prick,

You don’t's have to be ashamed,
Now is your time to proclaim,
That youre just a human in a body with a dick

Oh That’s Right,

Gender Doesn’t Matter Anymore,
Equalities the only path I choose to Explore,
Be Proud of who you are and what we all stand for,
Feelings arent here just to be ignored

Together this world can now be resttored,
We will be afraid oh NEVERMORE!

Am I a man or a lady,
Well that questions kinda shady,
Im just me,
Oh im just me,
And im happy :)
Track Name: For the Fallen Bandannas.
The bandanas return as the winter chill lingers,
Carrying that oh so farmiliar smell,
It makes me cringe, and though I once called fall best,
The past few years just makes it all seem like hell,

I swear I was just making toast in the bath,
I know that its less believeable from the outside
But if you took a days walk in my shoes,
Youd realize that nightmares exist in real life,

Fast Forward, Its like im reborn, it's all new,
Everything I thought I knew was a lie,
And if I wanna build it all over again,
I must tear the foundation, rearange the insides,

The Bandanas return like there flags of rebelion,
Every year theres just fewer and few,
Another soldier loses life on the battlefield,
Another hero whom I personally knew,

The Winter months scars are never forgotten,
Just torn and scarred over again and again,
No on escapes it, yeah everyones victim,
Your parents, your brothers, your sisters, your friends,

I swear I was just playing russian roulette,
The chill of the season plays tricks in your head,
It haunts you, decieves you, dillusions defeat you,
Anything to just get you closer to dead,

We gotta make a change,
We gotta break free from this hold,
Before we all give up,
Before were all too cold,
And all we can do is talk about,
The sadest story still untold

The Bandanas return to protect this glass vile,
Inside the last piece I have of my friends,
Whom cold winters lashes defeated before,
He had a good chance at the summer again.

The End.